Our Story

group photo

L-R: John, Carlos, Robert and Andi.

Kickin’ Kombucha is a tasty energizing tea that is proudly produced and bottled in Houston, Texas.

Our story began in 2005 when Robert Lopez was offered kombucha for the first time while training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Urban Jungle Self Defense. Like many others, he was initially skeptical about consuming a product which had “stuff” floating in it. Reservations aside, he took a swig in the name of health, and the addiction began…

In the fall of 2010, Robert was forced to take a 3 month vacation from his work at the gym on account of a broken leg. Transitioning from very active to bed ridden left him in need of a hobby. Drawing from previous culinary experience and his daily morning tea ritual, he begin to experiment with kombucha. It started in one small cabinet in the kitchen and quickly spread to the entire pantry. In time, the kitchen became a laboratory.

As the months passed, the initial 1 quart batch became 12 gallons. It was a lot to drink, so naturally he began to share it with his friends at the gym once he returned. John Ermis, a friend at the gym, also found himself inspired and began to brew his own kombucha and even entertained thoughts of sharing kombucha at a local farmers market. After a camping trip to Del Rio, the ideas came together and Kickin’ Kombucha was born.

Our first batch was only 35 bottles, which we hand labeled, filled, and capped. After getting our friends and families interested in kombucha, it was no surprise that it sold out in mere minutes. At that point, we knew we were going to need some help. Our two best friends Andi Cooper & Carlos Perez came to the rescue. Things could not have worked out better.

Not much else has changed other than the fact that we share Kickin’ Kombucha with a few more people today. In the end we are just a group of friends who are dedicated to providing our community with an exceptional kombucha, in hopes that it will improve their lives as much as it has ours. Drink up, and thanks for the visit! Go local!


Quality: We adhere to the highest standards for our kombucha. Leave it to us to source extraordinary ingredients, often times at great cost to bring you a standard unparallelled with other kombucha.
Accessibility: We believe that kombucha has tons to offer, but if you cannot bear to drink it then what’s the point? We choose flavors and teas that compliment and highlight kombucha’s natural acidity instead of fighting it. We also focus on ingredients that offer the highest level of purported health benefits. Life is busy and limited! We want you to get the most out of every bottle.
Consistency: We create a product under a natural process, so slight variations will occur. But small batch production and unique brewing techniques allow us to better control the process and maintain an attention to detail. No flat kombucha here!
Face-time: We are owner operated. We do everything ourselves: brewing, bottling, design, promotion, events, deliveries, and even this website! So if you ever see us stocking a cooler, feel free to come up and say hello! A large part of why we started this company was to become more involved in our community.

Environmental Commitment

We could not start a company in good faith without some environmental considerations.

  • We compost our spent tea, fruit, and botanicals. We make gardens (and worms) happy!
  • We are committed to cutting down pesticide use and supporting sustainable farming practices by using fair trade and organically grown ingredients.
  • We reuse or recycle as much packaging as we can that results from the production of our kombucha.
  • We strive to purchase and pick up our ingredients/equipment from local vendors whenever possible.